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Home Activities

There are many activities you can do at home to reinforce the skills we are building in speech/language services.  Reading to and with your child is a great start.  Vocabulary building, making inferences, comparing and contrasting characters and events, language reasoning, and sound production practice are all skills that can be reinforced through reading.  If you are targeting specific sound production, read a book having your child identify what words contain their target sound(s) and then monitoring their own production of these sounds.  If you are addressing language reasoning skills have your child answer "why" questions or make simple predictions from the story. 


Actual practice sheets may be sent home with your student for speech production skills once they have reached the independent practice level.  In addition, many activities we do in speech/language groups are meant to be taken home with built-in practice.  If you would like additional suggestions for at-home practice, please call me at (815) 577-3167 or send me an e-mail at


Please visit the website link page to see additional ideas for home practice.